Veterinarian for Exotic Animals

We offer veterinary care for rodents, rabbits, hedgehogs, ferrets, birds, chinchillas and reptiles

Medicine Dentistry and Surgery

We offer medical and surgical services (general and spaying/neutering) for rabbits, ferrets, rodents and other small mammals (chinchillas, hedgehogs). In addition to consultations and prescribing dewormers, we also perform wound debridement care, under anesthesia, for birds and reptiles.

We can take care of teeth filing for rodents and rabbits, chinchillas as well as dental care for ferrets.


Diet is an important part of an exotic animal’s health routine, and contrary to what one might think, a diet made up of regular feed is simply not enough. Make an appointment for a consultation! Our medical team would be pleased to recommend a diet that is best suited to your pet.

Vétérinaire animaux exotiques Le Plateau

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