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Located in Montreal’s Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood, our clinic is fully equipped for superior pet care.

We know all about the special relationship between a dog and its owner. Our mission is to listen carefully to both pet owners and pets themselves. Every animal is unique, so we offer personalized services in a caring environment.

Our clinic is warm and welcoming, a perfect place to talk about your furry friend. We take time to offer tailored advice and recommendations, as well as to answer any questions you may have regarding your dog’s health.

Preventing diseases

Your dog’s health is our priority, and we therefore believe it is important to focus on prevention as well as on early detection of common illnesses. This way, your dog will enjoy a long and healthy life! Common diseases like diabetes, kidney failure and canine hyperthyroidism can now be detected through blood work. We also consider nutrition to be a key element in puppy development, as well as for older and aging dogs.

Proper nutrition helps prevent health problems like urinary and kidney troubles, diabetes and even dental issues. Whether you are ready to start cooking for your pet or are looking for advice regarding buying packaged food, we are available to help guide you in the right direction.

Joint health for dogs is particularly important to our team. We can recommend therapeutic supplements to help your pet live life to the fullest! Please consult the Nutrition and Supplements section for more information.

In addition to offering a wide range of services (ie. vaccinations, spaying and neutering, surgery, hospitalization, x-rays, dentistry, lab work), we collaborate with cardiology and internal medicine specialists who come work at the clinic. If ever necessary, this provides easy access to cardiac ultrasounds and internal medicine consultations.

Vétérinaire chien Le Plateau

Preventing parasites (worms, fleas, ticks) and infectious diseases

We now know that Lyme disease transmitted by deer ticks is present in Montreal and surrounding areas, as soon as temperatures hit 4 degrees Celsius. We want to protect your pet from Lyme disease! To do so, tick prevention is essential. We can recommend preventative products and talk about vaccinating your dog against this infectious and potentially fatal disease.

Prevention treatments against fleas and worms (transmitted by mosquitoes) begins in the spring. Our team can prescribe full and effective dewormers that will prevent and/or treat intestinal worms, ticks, fleas and heartworm. It would be our pleasure to explain how these products work.


We recommend taking lifestyle into account when vaccinating your dog. Vaccines help prevent infectious diseases in both urban and rural environments. For example, vaccination against Leptospirosis is highly recommended in the city because it is a zoonosis transmitted by squirrels and other animals via their urine. Puppies receive their first vaccines (parainfluenza, distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus), kennel cough and ideally Leptospirosis at 2 months. The vaccination for rabies is given at 3 months.

We recommend deworming puppies every month up until 6 months of age. The next step is to prevent intestinal worms, which is done all year long, except during the coldest months.

Visit the Our Services section for more information.

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