What should you know about veterinary nutrition and what are the pitfalls to avoid?

Whether we’re talking about a kibble diet, raw food, home cooked or wet food, a diet must be nourishing and digestible. If all the best ingredients are being used, but the pet is passing several bowel movements a day, it may be because the food is processed.

To promote optimal growth, feeding an animal requires careful balance. This will also meet your pet’s maintenance needs and help prevent premature aging. Antioxidants and the digestibility of food are key factors. The more digestible a substance is, the better it will be broken down and absorbed.

The benefits will therefore be felt resulting in fewer bowel movements.

Warning! Not every animal food company has conducted digestibility studies. In 2015, just about anybody could decide to manufacture pet food and market it using a powerful marketing campaign.

It takes time to become well-informed (see the 8 questions to ask a food company). By calling the company in question, you should be able to speak with an animal nutrition specialist who can answer any questions.

Nutrition et Suppléments

Animal nutrition is very complex and requires a lot of knowledge. The animal must meet its daily energy requirements (calculated in digestible energy) and amino acids. The diet must take into account the breed, age and level of activity of the animal.

Nutrition et Suppléments

We can provide all the necessary information you need to take care of a healthy animal. Our nutrition services allow you to fully engage with and understand your pet’s diet, including any natural or medical elements. We can also recommend home-made diets and custom recipes for your animal.

We sell innovative veterinary products that prioritize natural ingredients. These foods are approved and recommended by veterinary nutritionists.

Dietary supplements

It is true that adding supplements to your pet’s diet can help their health and increase their lifespan. You must, however, select products that meet the animal’s real needs, according to their condition and level of activity.


When it comes to arthritis, is there glucosamine that is prescribed solely for veterinary use or simply the human product? In other words, is the glucosamine sold for humans suitable for my pet? This is a very common question and the answer is not so simple. In fact, not all nutraceuticals for human use are subject to the same quality control testing as veterinary substances. You have to be very careful. It is possible that, for certain brands sold in pharmacy, the concentration may not be the same in each tablet. Also, Omega 3.6, zinc, manganese and chondroitin oil are often recommended to nourish and heal cartilage in older animals. Glucosamine alone, without chondroitin, is ineffective.

  • What is devil's claw and green mussel powder? How about cartrophen injections and Chinese herbs?
  • When is the right time to start giving supplements?
  • How can supplements help with liver and kidney problems?

We can answer all your questions! Furthermore, you can make an appointment with Dr. Potrawiak regarding alternative treatment options. The one hour consultation will also be a chance for her to fully examine your pet.

Nutrition et Suppléments
Nutrition et Suppléments
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