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Welcome to the CLINIQUE VÉTÉRINAIRE ANIMOMÉDIC website. Our clinic’s values? Passion and compassion.

The clinic now focusses on an integrative approach, meaning a global vision of your animal’s health. At the pet owner's request, Dr. Potrawiak can apply this approach to treatment.

We offer veterinary care for your dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits, ferrets, birds or reptiles.


We know just how important your pet is. Our mission is to listen carefully to both the animal and the pet owner. Since each animal is unique, we proceed with personalized care, always taking the most humane approach. With or without an appointment, you are welcome to drop by, as long as a veterinarian is on site. We also offer home visits. Our team is made up of two veterinarians and two animal health technicians, as well as a receptionist and a technician’s assistant. It would be our pleasure to take care of your pet!

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We offer emergency service, surgery, x-rays, dental care, hospitalization as well as a selection of regular and organic pet foods.


We also practice an integrative style of medicine, giving your pet access to acupuncture, osteopathy, different supplements and homeopathy. We are among the first in Montreal to offer these types of treatments for pets. Integrative medicine brings together different approaches, both from science and therapeutic principles, to treat the animal as a whole being. We recommend this type of plan to treat pain (arthritis, a torn ligament, tendonitis), neurological problems, inflammation, dermatological problems and issues related to aging, as well as any allergies.

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